Soni Kodama Resort TAWA

Sonikogen (Soni Plateau)
Byobuiwakoen (Byobuiwa Park)
Saijoubou no taki (Falls)

The closest accommodation to Soni Highlands. Limited to 2 groups/day.

A traditional Japanese house (kominka) that has been renovated as an accommodation facility.
There are two types of rooms (whole house or room rental)
There are plans with dinner and breakfast, with breakfast, and without meals.

Bedding: 2 beds, 2 futons
(up to 4 people per room)

※If there is no English-speaking staff available, we will use a translation app to communicate.


Room rental.
Without shower room.

  • 明治元年の建物をリノベーション。


Whole house rental.
With shower room.

  • 鳳2F:和洋室

“Okame no Yu” natural onsen

Please use bathing facilities at “Okame no Yu” natural onsen (hot spring).
The onsen (hot spring) is two minutes away by car.

Amenities: Toothbrush, cotton pads, cotton swabs, turban, comb, razor, face towel, basic cosmetics
(Varies by gender)

※Please bring your own pajamas, loungewear, etc.
※No TV.
※Equipped with Wi-Fi and refrigerator.
※Please refrain from bringing in food or bedding.





We will serve you our country style dishes using local ingredients.
Rice prepared on a traditional stove (kamado) is a delicacy.

Lunch (Reservation required)